Saturday, August 15, 2020


Brentwood Borough seeks to provide its residents with a variety of convenient methods for satisfying their sewage and refuse bills.  Beginning in January 2018, the municipality will change its vendor relationship so as to provide a more user friendly customer experience.  Brentwood Bank will assume responsibility for providing lockbox services. Mailed payments will be processed at their local branch. In order for a credit to be applied to your account, please make certain to mail your check, along with the enclosed remittance coupon to P.O. Box 98129, Pittsburgh, PA 15227.  Payments can also be hand delivered to the dropbox that is located in the bank's drive-thru lane. Brentwood Bank tellers are not permitted to handle Borough sewage payments.


Customers who prefer to pay online can utilize the "X-Press Pay" module.  In response to feedback regarding the cumbersome layout of the current "Payer Express" system, Brentwood has chosen to work with a company that offers a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Additionally, residents will now have the opportunity to schedule automatic deductions from a bank account by returning a simple form to the lockbox address.