Thursday, June 21, 2018



The Official Website of Brentwood Borough

Brentwood Municipal Building, 3624 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, PA 15227 
Main Offices: (412) 884-1500, Emergency & Non-Emergency Requests: 911, Informational Inquiries: (412) 884-2600



Borough Appreciates Patience During Sewage Billing Transition

Brentwood Borough is pleased to have introduced an enhanced sewage collection system. However, as often occurs during the rollout phase of complex new software, several technical glitches have been discovered. We have been in discussions with our vendors and are seeking a prompt and permanent remedy.


During this transitional period, we have received an extreme number of telephone and email inquiries in regard to the new billing format. Our customer service department consists of a single employee, and she is attempting to diligently address each resident concern; please be patient and understand that the call volume is so high that her voicemail is continuously filling to capacity.


The Borough is confident that, once these errors are corrected, sewage collections will become much more efficient than under our previous system.

Sewage Billing Process to Change in 2015


Effective December 31, 2014, Brentwood Borough will be terminating its sewage collection relationship with Jordan Tax Service. The Borough has contracted with PNC Bank to generate monthly statements and to collect sewage receipts.  Customers will have the option of submitting payment via check by mailing the enclosed envelope to PNC’s remote “lockbox.” Additionally, clients will have the opportunity to satisfy a bill via credit card or to enroll for automatic withdrawal through a link to PNC’s “Payer Express” that will be hosted on the Borough website. This simple electronic tool will even allow residents to view balances and payment history from the comfort of their living rooms. PNC will provide real time transaction data to Borough staff so as to allow for the prompt recording of payments in our new billing program from Software Systems.


As part of our commitment to transparency and open communication, the Borough will be moving all customer service functions to become in-house duties. Clients will be able to receiving billing and usage data, as well as to change account information, by calling or visiting our municipal offices. Please note that, unless otherwise required by a termination of service notice, residents will not be able to make payments at the borough building.


Online Service Makes Recreational Registration a Breeze


Brentwood Borough is proud to partner with the software firm RecDesk to provide a new electronic option for recreational registration. For a nominal fee, participants can instantly enroll in our wide selection of activities and courses.  Please note that this module will be used only to process applications for recreational programming. Delinquent sewage bills and parking ticket payments will continued to be accepted via ESCI.  To test drive RecDesk, visit the Parks & Recreation section of the website.