Saturday, January 28, 2023


Trash Prepayment Program Provides Savings to Residents

Residential property owners have the opportunity to receive twelve months of refuse service for the price of ten. Through February 8, 2022, customers can enroll in our Trash Prepayment Discount Program. This initiative increases our organizational cash flow, while it concurrently saves our residents money. To sign up, please provide, in addition to your January sewage & refuse balance, payment in the amount of $184.50. This figure is equal to the cost of February through October trash service. November and December garbage and recycling removal will subsequently be provided at no cost. Customers who are enrolled in our ACH program and have their payments automatically deducted from a bank account must send a $184.50  check to 3735 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh, PA 15227 in order to receive this discount. As the Trash Prepayment Discount Program is optional, the Borough cannot configure a direct withdrawal of this amount from said account.

Residents May Be Eligible for Federal Relief from Delinquent Water, Sewer Charges

As part of the the recently adopted ARPA legislation, the federal government has disbursed funds to states for the purposes of assisting low income families with addressing delinquent utility bills. Residents who are currently behind on their water payments to Pennsylvania American Water or sewage payments to Brentwood Borough may be eligible for a one-time grant. This program is open to individuals with a maximum annual income of $19,320. For each additional member of the household, the income cap increases by $6,810. To request an eligibility determination or to apply for funds, please contact the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services by phone at 877-395-8930 or online at

Sewage & Refuse Payments Now Processed In-House; Payment Box Relocated

Brentwood Borough is pleased to announce that, effective January 1, 2022, it will be utilizing internal staff to manage all sewage and refuse payments. By leveraging the hard work of our team, the Borough can reduce its processing expenditures by approximately $10,000 per year while it concurrently refocuses its relationship with its vital partners at Brentwood Bank toward the provision of core services. As part of this transition, the Borough will also be closing its designated post office box. All bills that are submitted via the mail should now be sent to our municipal building, which is located at 3735 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15227. Customers who utilize an electronic billing portal through their financial institution should promptly update the Borough’s address to ensure that future checks are mailed to the appropriate location. Please additionally note that, as part of this service alteration, the payment drop box has been relocated from the drive-thru lane at our local Brentwood Bank branch to the exterior of the municipal building. Customers who use our convenient online or telephonic payment modules, as well individuals who satisfy invoices via automatic withdrawals from a bank account, will not be affected by these changes.