Sunday, October 17, 2021

Borough staff have fielded a number of calls from residents regarding official-looking mailers that instructed these individuals to vote at the Brentwood Library if they chose to cast their ballot in-person on November 3rd. During the June primary, shortages in both staffing and protective equipment let to the consolidation of all Borough polling places at the Library facility. However, Allegheny County officials had previously announced that these measures would be in place solely for the primary and and that each municipality would return to its traditional allotment of polling places for the general election. In some municipalities, polling places have reopened at new locations, but these alterations were mostly to protect nursing homes, senior centers, and other facilities that support vulnerable populations from the spread of the coronavirus. For the November 2020 election, no Brentwood polling places will be relocated. However, the Borough has confirmed that the mailers that referenced the Library as a polling place are official documents from Allegheny County but that, for those individuals who live in Voting Precinct No. 1, this information was listed inadvertantly. A database error caused the county to combine information from Precinct No. 1 and Precinct No. 10. Residents of Precinct No. 10 only will vote at the Brentwod Library. Residents of Precinct No. 1 will continue to vote at Moore Elementary School.