Saturday, May 15, 2021

After more than a decade of community-oriented service, the board of the Brentwood Park Initiative has voted to cease operations. Founded as an informal group of volunteers in 2008 and later incorporated as a registered nonprofit organization in 2011, the BPI served as the catalyst to the comprehensive revitalization of our public park. The BPI will use its remaining resources to further enhance the beauty of this cherished space. In late 2019, Council authorized enhancements to the area surrounding the pavilion. The installation of a new walkway will improve access for visitors arriving via the main entrance to the athletic field area. Decorative landscaping will also further cement this facility's status as a cool reprieve from the heat during the blazing summer months. Just last week, Council approved a second project that will transform an underutilized piece of land. The traffic circle within the parking lot will be redesignated as a formal flagpole circle. The BPI will complement the existing pole with two additional such structures; new shrubs will surround these poles, which will be placed in a stately triangular pattern. In this front of this space, the BPI will place a large embossed bolder that will formally welcome guests to our facility. Brentwood laments the loss of this civic organization, but our municipality is pleased that, through these donations, the BPI will make a further tangible impact on the quality of our park.