Saturday, May 15, 2021

“If good things come to those who wait, then the Brentwood Pool Renovations are going to be AMAZING!!”

If you have been in Brentwood Park recently you likely noticed a few items that are missing from the pool area. Phase I of the Pool Renovation Project commenced in June and saw the removal of the outdated bathhouse and the dilapidated Civic Center deck. The final result will create a scenic view of Herb Troy Field and a new sunbathing area for pool guests.

Phase II of this long-anticipated project is scheduled to begin in September 2019. This marks a slight delay from original projections. For reasons that are outside the Borough's control, the paperwork components of the Borough's $797,600 grant through the Land & Water Conservation Fund were processed somewhat later than anticipated. The Borough was unable to award a contract without receiving the green light from the federal government,or else it would put this critical funding in jeopardy. It is safe to say that, without the help of this funding source, as well as Allegheny County Community Infrastructure & Tourism Fund awards in the amount of $275,000, this much needed $3 million project would not have been able to occur.

On August 26, 2019, the Borough formally awarded a contract to low bidder Yarborough Construction. Although this project is officially deemed to involve a renovation of the pool, due to its broad scope, Borough residents are nearly getting an entirely new facility. The project will see the installation of state-of-the-art changing rooms, a zero depth entry zone, and a super waterslide. Borough officials are hoping for a mild winter and dry spring to provide good conditions for the contractors to complete this project in time for the 2020 pool season