Friday, September 30, 2022


The presence of a well-maintained transportation infrastructure is critical for the economic growth of a municipality. However, the effects of age and weather extremes can take a severe toll on the condition of our roadways. Brentwood Borough Council has demonstrated its commitment to enhancing the state of our streets by approving a comprehensive five-year rehabilitation plan. Although governmental entities are currently facing constrained financial positions, Council acknowledges that further deferring maintenance will only increase the costs of these projects in the future while concurrently compromising safety and efficiency in the present. By assessing the aggregate long term needs of our community, the Borough is able to prioritize projects and utilize best repair practices, which will reduce overall expenses.


Through its five-year rehabilitation plan, Council seeks not only to alleviate the concerns of motorists but also to encourage residents to use alternative forms of transportation by providing better access to bus stops and enhanced right-of-ways for pedestrians and bicyclists. The project is also designed to improve stormwater drainage through the use of permeable pavements, roadside swales, and other “green” methods; implementing these enhancements will both reduce localized flooding and increase water quality in area creeks and streams. Additionally, our Public Works staff has effectively coordinated our timetables with utility providers to prevent newly upgraded streets from being quickly compromised by underground service work.


In 2022, the Borough will begin this ambitious and important undertaking. Priority roadways include the following:

  • Sceneridge Avenue from Brownsville Road to Kaufmann Avenue
  • Kaufmann Avenue from Sceneridge Avenue to Bracken Avenue
  • Shadewell Avenue from Marylea Avenue to End
  • Marylea Avenue from Brownsville Road to Rt 51
  • Hillson Avenue from Brownsville Road to Pary Avenue

To view the full rehabilitation plan, click here.


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