Monday, April 06, 2020

Do you have questions about voting in Pennsylvania? We’re here to help!

A general election is held annually on the first Tuesday of each November. Federal and state-level officials are up for reelection in even-numbered years, while local leaders stand for office in odd-numbered years. A primary election is conducted on the third Tuesday of May, except in presidential election years, in which it is moved to the fourth Tuesday of April.    

To vote in Pennsylvania, citizens must complete a voter registration form no later than 30 days prior to the election. In-person voting is conducted from 7AM to 8PM on Election Day only. Pennsylvania does not allow for ballots to be cast in-person at any other time. If you are unable to be in your polling precinct due to disability, military service, vacation, or business travel, you may apply for an absentee ballot until 5PM on the Tuesday before the election. In case of sudden illness or injury, citizens may request an emergency absentee ballot until 5PM on the Friday before the election. For more information on registration or absentee ballots, please call the Allegheny County Division of Elections at (412) 350-4500 or visit the agency website

Brentwood Borough contains eight (8) distinct polling places, which are listed as follows:

Districts 1 and 9: Moore Elementary School, 3809 Dalewood St.
District 2: Concordia Lutheran Church, 3109 Brownsville Rd. (event hall, lower level entrance)
Districts 3 and 5: Elroy Elementary School, 3129 Elroy St.
District 4: garage at private residence, 3209 Willett Rd.
District 6: Brentwood Municipal Building, 3624 Brownsville Rd. (police garage, Marylea Avenue entrance)
District 7: St. Sylvester’s Catholic School, 32 West Willock Rd.
District 8: St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, 4048 Brownsville Rd.
District 10: Brentwood Public Library, 3501 Brownsville Rd. (Community Room, lower level entrance)


For an interactive guide to determining the location at which to you can cast your ballot, visit the VotesPA website and enter your physical address.

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