Thursday, December 02, 2021

Brentwood Borough has targeted significant investments toward the transformation and revitalization of its beloved public park.  Our municipality successfully leveraged local expenditures to receive generous grant awards from the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development and the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development.  The Borough also partnered with the civically-minded residents behind the Brentwood Park Initiative; this not-for-profit organization not  spearheaded this significant undertaking by conducting a series of meetings to gain extensive citizen input and by directing several successful fundraising drives.  Over $5 million has been devoted to ensuring that this site continues to serve as our community's crown jewel for decades to come.   


Due to the close working relationship between the Borough and the community-oriented Brentwood Borough School District, the municipality is in the unique position of owning and operating a stadium.  This 2,000 seat facility was the subject of a complete overhaul, which saw the replacement of the playing surface, bleachers, press box, scoreboard, concession stand, restrooms, and light fixtures. In addition to being the home of Spartan high school athletics and Dukes youth football, Herb Troy Memorial Field is also utilized by the Borough to host concerts, unique events, and its annual Community Day Celebration.  Residents are invited to incorporate laps around this site into their exercise regiment, as, except during scheduled games or other events, the encircling track is available for public use. 


It's a great day for hockey! Park improvement efforts have resulted in the construction of a cutting-edge new rink that allows residents to participate in a version of this intense, high-speed sport.  The Borough also manages four baseball fields, which, although heavily utilized by the popular Brentwood Athletic Association, function as an excellent location for information renditions of America's Pastime.  Our park also contains basketball courts, tennis courts, and a state-of-the-art new playground that was erected with the aid of dedicated community members.  


Athletic facilities are available for rent by completing and returning the document displayed on the bottom of this page. For current and historical information on the status of this significant capital project, please view the document folder here.

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