Monday, October 02, 2023


From its founding as a streetcar suburban, Brentwood Borough has always housed a significant number of rental apartments. However, as in all older municipalities, there is a tangible concern that aging properties will be purchased by individuals who have no interest in performing regular maintenance or appropriately screening prospective tenants.


In order to protect the welfare of our renters will concurrently preserving home values, the Borough has instituted a robust rental property ordinance. The Rental Property Board of Appeal was created to hear challenges to action taken under the provisions of this statute. The body has the authority to rule on the validity of the revocation of a rental license by the Building Code Official, as well on the issuance of tenant disruptive conduct reports by the Police Department. This five member committee, which meets as needed, consists of a Brentwood Borough Councilor, an employee of the Brentwood Police Department, a landlord, a tenant, and a homeowner.  


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