Saturday, January 28, 2023

In order to provide our residents with the high quality services that they have come to expect, it is necessary for our municipality to carefully and efficiently allocate scarce resources. Brentwood Borough recognizes that the dollars that are utilized to keep our neighborhoods safe and attractive come from the public, and, in order to demonstrate that we are faithful stewards of these funds, our community has long disseminated a highly detailed budget. Because of the amount of pertinent information that is included in this annually-generated document, our Borough is a multi-year recipient of the Government Finance Officers Association's Distinguished Budget Award. However, Brentwood recognizes that, from a citizen's perspective, reviewing a more than 700 page packet of data can be a daunting challenge. Consequently, the Borough has partnered with software developer ClearGov to produce a simple-to-navigate, electronic version of our budget booklet. As we place the finishing touches on this tool, we encourage you to test drive the application here.