Sunday, July 05, 2020

Borough Government

Council Prepares for Local Economic Fallout from Virus; Adjusts Tax Collection Dates

The coronavirus will affect the physical and economic health of citizens of all nations. Brentwood Borough recognizes that, as businesses temporarily shut their doors to save lives, many residents will experience immediate cash flow concerns. Consequently, Council has authorized a one-time alteration to the due date for real estate tax payments. The 2% principal discount will be offered through June 30th. The deadline to submit payment without penalty has been pushed to August 31st. 

Global Crisis Necessitates Suspension of Most Operations

As Americans face an unprecedented health emergency, organizations of all sizes have made changes to the methods by which they conduct business. In order to protect both residents and staff from the spread of Covid-19, on March 16th, Mayor Troy declared a state of emergency. Originally, the Borough attempted to conduct its operations as normal to the greatest extent possible while concurrently limiting face-to-face interactions. Based upon Governor Wolf's decision to temporarily shutter all non-life-sustaining businesses, the Borough has made additional alterations. Please review the following:

  • The municipal building is officially closed to visitors. Administrative employees will be available via phone or email during standard business hours.
  • The Police Department is fully staffed, and officers will respond promptly to all emergency calls. However, to reduce the possibility of infection for all parties, officers will attempt to keep adequate distance from members of the public.
  • Non-emergency calls will be screened by the shift supervisor. If possible, all contact between the officer and the requesting party will take place over the phone. Residents can also file a non-emergency report electronically via the Crimewatch link from the homepage. 
  • The police clerical desk will not be staffed, but these employees have been temporarily reassigned to assist with much needed records management projects. Requests for police reports or to speak with a specific officer regarding an incident must be conducted via the phone. Accident reports can be acquired online through CrashDocs.
  • The Public Works Department will be split into two seprate teams, and members will be reporting for duty on alternating teams. Any maintenance activities that cannot be safely performed in compliance with distancing regulations will be suspended. 
  • Clerical staff will respond to sewage billing inquiries. Brentwood Bank has thus far been able to facilitate the continued collection of payments. The Borough has issued a moritorium on the use of water service termination notices until further notice.
  • Contracted vendor Waste Management will remove refuse and recyclables in accordance with the established schedule. However, the company is restricting its operations. Bulk items, such as furnishings and appliances, and yard waste are not presently being collected.
  • The Code Department has suspended all interior inspections. Parties to real estate transactions will be required to sign a form that defers such inspection until after closing. Permits will only be issued for zoning-related residential projects, such as the instalation of sheds and fences, or to contractors who have received a written waiver form the Governor's order. Code enforcement activities will be highly limited.
  • Brentwood Park has been closed to visitors, and all organized recreational activities have been cancelled. 

At its March 23rd meeting, Brentwood Borough Council adopted a resolution that extends the state of emergency for 30 days. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We're all in this together!

Bids to Be Accepted for Sewer Repair Contract

Through March 5th at 10AM, the Borough will accept sealed bids from qualified contractors for the repair and evaluation of both sanitary and storm sewer infrastructure. The vendor will be required to complete CCTV video of designated pipes, perform point repairs of defective sections, and install new wye connections and/or manholes as needed. The Borough reserves the right to renew this contract for FY 2020 and 2021. For more information, view the attached legal notice.