Monday, October 02, 2023


Council appoints a Borough Manager to serve as the municipality’s executive officer. The Manager strives to ensure that the vision of the electorate is efficiently and responsibly implemented while concurrently assuring that all residents receive fair access to governmental services. Many of the Borough’s day-to-day administrative duties are performed under the Manager’s supervision.   Additionally, the Borough Manager advises Council on policy matters, submits an annual budget, implements and executes spending decisions, and oversees department directors so as to encourage a culture of collaboration. Significant time is also devoted to planning for future borough needs, coordinating with professional consultants outside agencies, and communicating with the public.  

Since 2008, George Zboyovsky has steadfastly worked to ensure that our borough operates in an efficient and economical manner. George grew up in Monessen, and he developed an early passion for public service. After graduating with a dual degree in physics and engineering from a joint degree program sponsored by California University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University, George actively engaged with his community by serving on its recreation board, zoning hearing board, and economic development committee. In 1997, George was elected to the first of two terms that he would serve on Monsessen City Council. During his time as an elected official, he worked full time as a civil engineer while attending night classes at the University of PIttsburgh. After earning master's degrees in business and public administration, he became a senior consultant at DMJM Harris Architects; he subsequently spent nearly two years as a project manager at Paul Cripe Architects & Engineers in Indianapolis. During his time in the engineering field, he focused heavily on highway design and commercial site plan development. In 2006, George returned home to begin his second career in the public sector. Prior to moving to Brentwood in 2007 and taking the position of manager less than one year later, he served as manager of Dormont Borough and then as district director for Congressman Tim Murphy.