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Residential garbage service is provided by Republic Waste.  Trash is collected on a weekly basis, while recycling is collected once every two pick-ups.   For billing information, call (877) 788-9400 or visit the company website.  To view the colllection schedule, please view our trash and recycling calendars below. 


All residents are required to open and maintain an account with the disposal company. Limited exceptions are provided for homes that have been permanently vacated due to the relocation or death of the owner. It is prohibited to close a refuse account without completing the exemption wavier document below.


Please note that no garbage of any kind may be placed at the curbside before 5PM on the day preceding collection.  As a courtesy to our sanitation drivers, limit your weekly solid waste to no more than four large (33 gallon) bags per week.  Remember to neatly bundle any limbs or plant debris.  Additionally, please limit disposal items to those that are less than 50 pounds and that are no more than 6 feet in length.


The Borough’s contract with Republic Waste covers only residential service.  Commercial property owners, including the landlords of residential properties with four or more individual units, are required to privately contract with a licensed waste hauler of their choice.  To view the collection schedule or to learn more about our recycling program, please view the documents below. 


Trash & Recycling Schedule by Date
Date 2012-12-28 Filesize 494.39 KB Download 9118

Trash Collection Schedule by Street
Date 2012-12-28 Filesize 45.21 KB Download 34487

Request for Residential Trash Service Waiver
Date 2016-02-15 Filesize 0 B Download 584


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