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The Brentwood Planning Commission is a committee of seven Borough residents who provide advisory decisions to Council on land use and development.  Public hearings before this board are generally scheduled for the third Thursday of each month.


The Planning Commission is tasked with reviewing site plans for new structural constructions or changes in the use of a parcel.  Body approval is required for conducting a lot subdivision or for constructing a planned residential development.  Structures and property use activities that are only permitted as a conditional use according to the Borough Zoning Code need the approval of the Planning Commission.  Board members thoroughly review conditional use plans to ensure that the applicant has taken the necessary steps to abate any potential detrimental impact of the development on our community.


Property developers who wish to alter the text of the Borough Zoning Code or the composition of the Borough Zoning Map must arrange a meeting with the Planning Commission.  Additionally, all zoning ordinances that are proposed by Council are referred to the Planning Commission for a citizen recommendation.  The body may also exercise the power to prepare environmental studies and to offer Council with critiques of infrastructural projects.  


Please click here to view agendas and minutes from prior meetings.



Planning Commission Procedural Checklist
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Application for Planning Commission
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Zoning Map
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Planning Commission Members

Mr. Donald Housley, chair

Ms. Carol Wirth, vice chair

Ms. Sharon Liotus, secretary

Mr. Robert Cranmer, member

Mr. John Frombach, member

Mr. Frank Kenny, member

Mr. Tysen Miller, member

PC Schedule

Next meeting: No meeting scheduled for February.  A public hearing will be held on February 27th at 7PM to take public commentary on a request to operate a home occupation business.  At its January meeting, the board recommended approval of this use, subject to four conditions.

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