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The Borough of Brentwood has received a number of inquiries pertaining to the receipt of delinquent property tax notifications. These notices are generated under contract by Jordan Tax Service.   At the close of each tax year, Fay Boland, the elected tax collector, disseminates the delinquency list to this company. Once a taxpayer is in arrears, Ms. Boland can no longer accept payment. If a property owner does not satisfy the tax bill by June 30th of the tax year, late penalties will be automatically assessed.


Several property owners have asserted that nonpayment was due a billing error by Ms. Boland. However, the Borough has reviewed the appropriate distribution lists and has confirmed that school and municipal property tax invoices were generated concurrently. Please note that Ordinance 2014-1233, which set the 2015 property tax rate, includes the following language: “failure to receive notice shall not relieve any taxpayer from any taxes imposed by the Borough.” Additionally note that Borough and Jordan Tax Service employees are not authorized to absolve the principal or penalties of any past due tax bill. Such amounts can only be waved through a motion of Borough Council. Should an individual appeal to Council for relief, the taxpayer’s name, address, and delinquent total will be revealed in a publically accessible meeting. Traditionally, Council has voted against such requests except under extreme extenuating circumstances. All appeals must be made in writing to Borough Council care of Borough Manager George Zboyovsky.

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